Friday, September 18, 2009

Hilton Head Island 2009

Larry, the girls, and I give Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 2 thumbs up! It was our sweet Hailey's 1st trip to the beach, and Cady's 3rd time. We got a great deal because we booked our place 12 hours before we got on the road. :)

We decided to take our time getting down there so the girls could get out and stretch. The first stop was for some lunch at San Diego Mexican Restaurant. Then shopping at the Locust Grove Tanger Outlet.

We arrived in Hilton Head with just enough time to unpack at the Villa and head out in search of some good seafood. We ate at the Crazy Crab which was delicious and very family friendly! There was a giant 25ft long aqaurium with tons of salt water fish and an eel. They sat us right in front of the aqaurium so Cady would have a good view. We will definitely go back!

Finally, we walk to the beach and just let Cady loose. She had such a great time digging in the sand, playing in the waves, and searching for shells. We dug a little seat in the sand for Hailey which she seemed to like. She stayed up for the first hour looking around, and then the warm weather put her into a deep sleep the rest of time there. Larry and I took turns carrying Cadence out to "her big waves", and she would giggle everytime we got splashed.

We took the night off and ordered in from the Hilton Head Brewing Company which was delicious, but we were also starving. We could not get cell phone service or internet while we were there. That was the first time in a long while that we have been without!!!

We enjoyed our stay but not the bed. It was as hard as a rock! We decided to leave the night before so the girls would sleep on the way home. We made good time and got to sleep in our own beds...well except for Hailey. She decided that she wanted to sleep with mama  dada. My sweet little angel. I can't believe she is 3 months old already!! We spent a day in Atl recovering and then were off on our next trip.

(All pictures were taken by Juli & Larry Burge)

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Leslie said...

I LOVE the pictures!! The one with Larry throwing Cady up in the air is my favorite! Looks like ya'll had so much fun.