Monday, April 13, 2009

Cady's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday was a lot of fun with lots of chocolate! This was Cady's 3rd Easter, but the first one she woke up asking about the Easter bunny. She loved opening the plastic eggs and eating the chocolate bunny for breakfast. :) Larry & I had an easter egg hunt in the backyard for Cady and her friend, Jade (also 2 yrs old). It was very cute watching them find and break open all the eggs. I did manage to get a few pictures. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Cady is always so focused with everything she does.

Cady opened each egg and dumped the treat in her bucket before looking for more eggs.

My sweet Cady bugs.

Cadence was running around in her 1" heels all day :)

Jade playing with the neighbors' dogs, Pancakes & Sasha.

Resting after the long hunt.

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Leslie said...

Awww! Look at my sweet little girl! I love her cute little dress!! Hope ya'll had a wonderful Easter!